Does it take long to set up a store?

No. We offer a Fast & Easy setup.

What options are there for the logos?
Logos can be printed, sublimated, or embroidered on apparel.

Do you offer PE uniforms?
Yes, we have great pricing on PE uniforms.

Reorders are available at the same bulk price as low as 10 pieces.
Can I choose what the markup price will be or is it set?

You choose the amount marked up to go back to the team.

Are there set-up fees?
NO setup fees.

Do I have to keep inventory of the items in my store?

NO inventory to stock.

Do I manage the orders?

We manage your orders.

Do I have to ship the orders?
No. We ship orders directly to their home.

What is the turnaround time for the orders?
Quick Turnaround time of 1-10 days.

Does the store stay open or close at a specific time?
Store is open year-round 24/7.

Is there a minimum order that needs to be made?
NO minimum orders are required.

Do you offer discounts?
Discounts are available on bulk orders.

Do you have a lot of brand and color options?
Choose from 1000’s of apparel items that can come in multiple colors.

What if our school/team is having a camp or event, can you help us place a bulk order and help create the logo?
Yes. We can help place the order and design a logo.

How long have you been in business?
We are a local Family owned business and have been in San Diego since 1997.

Do you offer fundraisers?

Yes. Your school/team can earn money on every item sold.

How do I get started?

​If you have any other questions, please contact us at 858 354 4092 or


Frequently Asked Questions


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